about Laura

I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula who felt the call to this fulfilling career because of my nurturing nature and love, respect and awe of the wonderment of pregnancy and birth.  Bringing life into the world is the most miraculous experience and I do my best to be a guide in making it a beautiful memory for moms and their partners. My intention is to provide you with caring and encouraging support of your strengths, calmly and without judgement.

 Since the early ‘90s I have been studying and practicing yoga.  I am a Certified Yoga Instructor.

 Most importantly, I’m fortunate to be the mother of 3 wonderful young men.

 All of these life-roles, mom, birth doula, yoga sharer and more have shaped me into the nurturing, caring person I am today.  My experiences will be coming with me to your birth and shared lovingly with you and your partner.