Supporting your intentions for birth, one breath at a time.

Why have a doula at your birth

 Beyond the nurturing, one-on-one continual care of the mom, there are many other potential benefits to having a doula present while birthing.  The following is an excerpt from The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin.

“Numerous scientific trials have compared birth outcomes of women who had doulas and those who did not.  In very “high-tech” hospitals with high cesarean and induction rates, women attended by doulas had fewer forceps and vacuum-extractor deliveries and fewer cesareans.  They did not request as much pain medication.  Also, women attended by doulas were more likely to report that their birth experiences were satisfying than were women who did not have doulas.  Although a doula cannot guarantee a normal or an easy labor, statistics show that having a doula results in less need for major labor interventions.”

What a birth doula is:

 Whether you already know what a birth doula is or are vaguely familiar, I’d like to shine some light on the role a doula plays at this most miraculous life event.

A birth doula guides moms and their partners throughout labor and birth, supporting them emotionally and physically in a non-clinical way.  We offer comfort measures and assist in obtaining information which moms and partners need to make informed decisions.  The doula is calm and encouraging while remaining objective.  Above all we are a source of continuous nurturing for the mom.

Being that an obstetrician, midwife and/or nurse will be intermittently present, tending to the clinical wellbeing of the mother, the doula’s commitment is to the psychosocial or non-medical aspects of care on a continuous basis.

What a Birth Doula Is Not:

A birth doula is not there to take over the mom’s decision making or their partner’s role as a birth partner.  we do not impose our ideas of how a labor and birth should proceed nor impart our personal preferences.  A doula is not the mom’s voice, but will encourage her to find hers to ask for what she needs be it something physical, emotional or informational.  A doula does not perform any medical procedures.

How I assist mamas-in-the-making:

offer a variety of comfort measures * massage * suggest position changes and movements that may lessen pain and advance progress * direct focused breathing practices * remind moms of their birth plan and assist in staying with it * help moms adapt to any necessary deviation from the birth plan should it become necessary * encourage moms throughout the entire birthing process

How I assist birth partners:

remind partner of ways to help mom physically and emotionally * stay with mom if partner needs to step out * go and get food or drinks so partner doesn’t have to leave mom’s side * photograph and video

My birth doula service includes the following: 

*A minimum of one prenatal visit

*24-hour on-call availability surrounding your due date

*Phone, text and/or e-mail support throughout your pregnancy

*My presence and support during your labor and delivery

*Assistance with initial breastfeeding after the birth

*One postpartum visit

Although it is highly unlikely that I would be unable to attend your birth, should something unforeseeable occur which prevents my presence, I will arrange a trained back-up doula to attend your birth in my stead.