Supporting your intentions for birth, one breath at a time.

Realizing that it isn't always convenient or desirable to attend classes, I share yoga with moms on a one-with-one basis, in the privacy of their own homes.  I believe that moms need the tools to practice when it's best for them so they can work around their own bodies, their family, and work schedules.

Moms are shown safe variations of yoga postures that nourish, strengthen and lengthen where needed to support a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum.   Breathing techniques are also taught, as breath is a powerful assistant during the birthing process.  Learning tools such as asana (yoga postures), breath work, meditation, and visualization help moms cope with the myriad physical and emotional changes that are inherent in pregnancy, birthing and postpartum.  The effort that one makes on the mat—creating strength and flexibility, learning to flow with intense sensations, and effectively coping with stress, all while breathing properly—serves as powerful, positive preparation for these life changes.

The benefits of practicing yoga before, during and after pregnancy are endless.  Beyond those mentioned above is also the fact that maintaining a healthy  mind, body and spirit during pregnancy serves not only the mother-to-be, but also her baby.  Emotionally and physically healthy mamas most often create healthy babies!

Private yoga is offered for an additional fee.